Post Removal logoAbout is a site that allows anyone to post pictures and information about their past girlfriends or boyfriends. This is better known as revenge porn, which is illegal in some states!  Often times nude photos are posted. These types of posts are usually defamatory in nature. They could have very negative consequences for your personal life and employment. would rarely remove posts just by a simple request and they require you own the copyright of images with proof from copyright office even before you request it. A link on their site labeled “Remove My Post” will redirect you to a reputation management company page asking you to pay $399 for removal. However, this company asks to send payment via wire transfer to Philippines, which is very suspicious.   You would have no way to get your money back if they fail to remove.   A few people have also reported that they paid this fee to get the post removed, only to see it come back after a few weeks.

This is not the best way to get these posts removed and we highly recommend not contacting that company.

How We Can Help:

We use a legal method to get the post removed. We normally offer a 100% money back guarantee, depending on the post. Please contact us today to see if your post is a candidate for removal.




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