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800notesAbout 800notes.com:

800notes.com is a website primarily setup to report telemarketers and phone numbers of scammers. However, it is said that the site owner(s) have also made up fake reviews on random numbers in order to then extort money from the owners for removal.

We have tracked down the owner’s information and have attempted to contact her several times, but we have not been successful in reaching her. Hence, it is our belief that this site does not remove content any longer. The last information we found in our research from claims that they wanted money for removal was from 2011.

In any case, if you would like to try to contact the owner, we are going to provide you her info below. If you do succeed in hearing back, please do let us know! But we doubt it! The site also states that they do not remove any content. You also cannot sue the site or the site owner, since the Communication Decency Act Section 230 protects them as a public forum.

The owner’s real name is Yuliya Karelina. However, she uses the name “Julia Forte” on her domain records and communication.

Address: 3105 Megwood Court
Apex, North Carolina 27539

Business: 2054 Kildaire Farm Road #318
Cary, North Carolina 27518

Telephone: 919-434-8359 or 704-817-0929

EMail: julialforte@gmail.com, fortedomains@gmail.com
Relative: Mikhail Sashnikov

whocallsme.com, phoneowner.info and Complaintwire.org, are also owned by the same person/company.

How We Can Help:

We provide legal services to completely remove posts from 800notes.com or from Google Search Results. We also offer SEO push down services to create positive content that will push any negative content such as 800notes.com listings to second or third page of Google search results. Please contact us today for more details.

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