Scambook Review Removal Service launched around 2006. It is a scam reporting website that tallies the amount of money lost to the companies reported by all those that have reported losses. Out of all major scam reporting websites, scambook seems to have the most sophisticated backend. Anyone can post a review on using fake information, but a real email address is required as a confirmation email is sent.

Scambook does not disclose on their site who the owners are, but a little research would show a relation to a company in Los Angeles called ran by Lin Miao, who appears to be the owner of Scambook. We have had no luck getting a hold of Lin Miao, so trying to contact him will be a waste of time.

Scambook runs a Business Resolve program that allows businesses to respond to negative feedback, but they would not remove the negative feedback even after it has been resolved. They have 3 options. One is free and very limited and the next two are $99/month and $499/month respectively. The $499/m plan will allow companies to be contacted prior to new reviews going live so they can resolve it.

Scambook is one of the more popular scam reporting sites and usually would rank high in the search engines for the company names listed on it, specially if the word “scam” is typed next to the company name listed when searching in Google.

If you are listed in scambook and need help getting removed, please contact us. In most cases a complete removal would not be possible even with legal methods. However, getting the results to disappear from Google is possible and something we can help you with. If you would like a quote, please complete our quote request form on the right or contact us.