Review Removal

How it works: is a complaints website to report business complaints, scams and fraud. It asks for email and personal information when you submit a new complaint. However, anyone can make up fake information and submit an anonymous listing. An email address verification is sent, but you do not have to verify in order for your complaint to go live. Therefore, someone can submit a complaint even with a fake email address. This will definitely make it hard if someone wanted to subpena on Complaints Board records and find out who left a negative review.

It has been reported that ComplaintsBoard has copied many complaints from other complaints websites and reposed it. They have even been sued by competitors who have won , but were not able to get the copied content removed since the owner is Latvia.

ComaplaintsBoard does not offer any way to remove negative reviews or paid programs to reply to complainers, but anyone is free to comment on posted reviews.

The original poster may be able to remove their original posting or revise it by emailing ComplaintsBoard with a request.

Ownership Info:
From WHOIS domain registration database, it appears that the site is registered to a company named “Mediolex Ltd.” and individual “Dzianis Beltyukov” from Riga, Latvia. Research shows that “Dzianis Beltyukov” might be the sole owner and he is Russian.

A few companies have won default judgments against Complaints Board, but have not been able to remove reviews, as they were unable to enforce judgement.

WHOIS domain database history shows that the domain was registered in 2006 and the original name used on registration is “Elizabeth Arden.”  Therefore, a few have suggested that Elizabeth Arden cosmetics is the real owner, but the company has denied this. The site’s original country of reregistration is Latvi.

In 2008, a CA P.O.Box was used as the domain address as follows:
     Elizabeth Arden ()
     P O Box 99800
     EmeryVille, CA 94662
     Phone: 510-595-2002

In 2009, the ownership info changed to:
     Mark Shultz
     PO Box 61359
     Sunnyvale, CA 94088
But the Phone number remained the same.

In 2010, the address changed to Latvia, but still under the name “Mark Shultz” and then later in 2010 the registrant name changed to “Business Networks Ltd” and email address “” The phone number changed to: +1.2407644863.

The current registrant info is as follows:
     Mediolex Ltd.
     Dzianis Beltyukov (
     Smerla 3-216a
     Riga, NO LV-1006

As you can see, the WHOIS records list an email address of as the current email, but good luck getting any answer from them, if you email.

There are definitely some strange ownership changes going on, so it makes you wonder if the owner is trying to hide his real identity.  Perhaps the site also changed ownership at some point, but one thing has been consistent is that the site originally originally started at Latvia and is back to Latvia again.

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