“Right to be Forgotten” Removal Service

data eraseIn May 2014, a new European Union ruling was passed allowing individuals to request search engines to remove certain personal information that come up when typing their names. There are some conditions whether something can be removed or not. For example if the content is of public interest and/or has historical significance, it may not be removed. This ruling has become known as “Right to be Forgotten.”

“Right to be Forgotten” can most often be used to remove negative news stories and sometimes defamatory content and/or negative reviews. However, it is important to have a good argument and word the request correctly in order to be successful in removing such content.

Keep in mind that this law only applies to Europe so the content would only be removed from European versions of the search engines, not US.

Our company has already helped several individuals remove negative content from Google, Bing and Yahoo using the “Right to be Forgotten.” It would be best if you hire a company like ours to provide this service to have a better chance at success. If you would like a quote for this service, please contact us.