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BadBoyReport is a website that is designed to let people post stories they have about terrible dates and people to avoid. The site has become a haven for cheater shaming and unfounded gossip, but Bad Boy Report continues to offer anonymous services that allow everyone the opportunity to out whoever they consider to be a cheater.

While the website encourages people to be fair and honest, there is no editorial process for reviews of people. All reports are indexed by Google, and anyone can look up information about you on this website.

The website conveniently hide from all responsibility by claiming they do not judge and referring the accused to contact the poster and work things out themselves. Bad Boy Report specifically states that it does not remove comments, posts, and topics no matter how many direct requests they receive.

How Reputation Stars Can Help

Bad Boy Report recently shifted operations to South Korea, which makes it difficult for anyone to sue them from within the United States. Unfortunately, the website still ranks well in Google. Reputation Stars uses a proprietary legal strategy that is guaranteed to remove this content from Bad Boy Report, and ultimately wipe any trace of it from the Internet. Reputation Stars not only offers cleaning services, we help scrub your search page clean of dirt from a variety of websites. If you’ve received negative press, don’t take chances. Contact Reputation Stars. We act fast! Most removals are done within the first month of service.

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