Review Removal

How it Works: is a review website that allows individuals to post about business scams. In most cases the reviews are posted anonymously and only an email verification is required to post. The websites is build in a forum format, which allows further comments from anyone.

Ownership Info:
From what we can tell this website was launched in 2004.  The owners of the website do not post any details on who runs the website. However, the WHOIS domain registration records show the registrant as  “Vladimir Sviatoslavich” from Belgrade (Capital of Serbia).  A Google search would bring up his Linkedin and Facebook pages.   However, do not waste your times trying to contact this person, as you would never hear back. We have tried numerous times to contact with no avail.

How We Can Help:
The good news is that in the past we have been successful in removing content from legally.  If you have any negative reviews on, please contact us, so we can evaluate your situation to see if we can legally remove it.

We offer 100% money back guarantee if we sign you on and are not able to remove your listing.