Ripoff Report Removal Service

ed magedson ripoff reportHow it Works: is one of the oldest reputation review sites online. Due to its popularity and pagerank power, once you have a negative listing on Ripoff Report, it will most likely rank very high for your brand name or keywords on Google.

Ripoffreport does not remove any negative reviews and the original poster would not be able to do so either, even if they request it. Ripoffreport, just like many other review sites are protected by Communication Decency Act that makes them immune to lawsuits as an open discussion forum. However, recently Ripoff Report announced that they would honor some court ordered removals.

Ripoffreport has been sued many times. Many businesses have been unsuccessful to remove content from Ripoff Report by lawsuits because of their immunity, but if you sue the person that posted it and get an order to remove the review, then Ripoff Report may honor it and remove the review. If Ripoff Report declines to remove, then you can still ask Google and other search engines to remove them. This is a service that we offer. Contact us from the form on the right for more details.

Ripoff Report offers a customer advocacy program that allows businesses to respond to negative reviews. The program also allows a business to hire a third party company to research the review for accuracy. However, even if a review is found to be false, Ripoff Report will not remove it from the website.

Ownership Info:
Ed Magedson is the founder and owner of Ripoff Report.  A few years ago, our CEO spoke to him on the phone in order to try to remove a review. He demanded $20,000 to hide the review on the site and give our client a chance to respond, but he would not remove the review completely. An article on People’s Credit Bureau states that Ed Magedson has tried to extort money from many businesses and has a past criminal record.

What We Can Do:
We can completely suppress and deindex the review from Google, Bing & Yahoo search results.  The report itself cannot be removed from the site, unless you have a court order. However, in certain circumstances we have been able to completely remove reviews from Ripoff Report that are considered cyber harassment. We also can consult and refer you to attorneys that may help you with court ordered removals. The court orders are the most expensive way of removals and are not guaranteed to work, so we do not recommend that. Contact us so we can take a look at your situation and explain all options.

If you need help with removing negative content from Ripoff Report, please complete the quote request form on the right side or contact us.

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