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How it Works:
TheDirty is a blog that publishes gossip and reports submitted by visitors, usually consisting of “dirt” about someone, pictures, video or text messages. It also has a section for reporting business scams. However, the most common format of submission is usually from people submitting dirt on their exes. Unfortunately anyone can anonymously submit false information on anyone and it will get posted without any fact checking. TheDirty claims 22 million monthly visitors.

TheDirty has a removal request page, but it is well known that the owner “Nick Richie” and thedirty seldom remove any posts. There has been lawsuits against TheDirty. In one lawsuit the case was dropped due to the Communications Decency Act (CDA) law, which protects owners of interactive websites from liability. Only one person has  successfully sued thedirty and won. In this case the CDA was not accepted as a defense, because Nik Richie added his own defamatory comments to the post. Do not waste your money suing thedirty. It will cost you thousands of dollars with very small chance of success. In addition, it has been said that Nik Richie hides all his assets so you will never be able to collect even if you win.

Ownership Info:
The owner of is Nik Lamas-Richie (born Hooman Abedi Karamian).  Due to his popularity, he is often booked by top clubs in Vegas and around US as a celebrity host. If you would like more info about Nik Richie, visit his Wikipedia page.

How We Can Help you Remove Content From TheDirty:
We are able to legally remove content from TheDirty completely.  If you have false reports posted on TheDirty, please contact us so we can see if your post is a good candidate for removal. We provide 100% money back guarantee if we are not able to remove content from TheDirty.

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