Announcing Wikipedia Page Creation Service

Posted on Dec 23, 2021

Announcing Wikipedia Page Creation Service

We recently announced that we are now offering Wikipedia page creation services. Although our CEO is an expert in Wikipedia editing for over 8 years, it was not being offered via Reputation Stars until now.

“Wikipedia page creation has become very tough in the past few years. There are many shady freelancers offering Wiki page creation services on freelancer sites who do a very poor job,” Pierre Zarokian, Reputation Stars’ CEO, said. “The admins have been getting tougher and tougher on their notability criteria. It takes a real expert to know what the chances of success would be.”

The guidelines of Wikipedia state that you need to have significant news coverage to qualify, but this criteria is very vague so the decision often may depend on the reviewing admin. Some admins may be easier than others in their criteria. If you have at least 10 or so news coverage, you may qualify, so you can send us your details for evaluation.

In case you should not qualify, we also can post you on some alternate Wiki sites that are much easier to get in, such as Everybodywiki, Wikialpha, Wikitia or Fandom.

Read more about our Wikipedia page creation services here.