How to create a Wikipedia page for yourself

Posted on Dec 24, 2021

How to create a Wikipedia page for yourself

Before you attempt to make a Wikipedia page you need to know the requirements. It is always best to hire a professional wiki editor or a company like ours to do it, as if you attempt to do it yourself, chances are you will not know all the guidelines and get declined. In this article, we will provide you some guidelines so you can better understand the whole process.

The main requirement to have a Wikipedia page is to have significant news coverage. The news articles would also have to be from reliable sources. If you paid for PR or purchased articles, most likely the Wiki admins would know that as most sites that sell PR articles are often well known.

The articles will also have to be from independent sources and not associated to you. They cannot be from your own website, your own press releases, etc. If you have a partnership with a company that wrote about you, it will probably not work. If you are a university professor and the university you work at wrote an article about you, it will not work.

In addition, interviews usually are not acceptable, because presumably the information you provide, is coming directly from you and has not been verified by a journalist.

You can check this page here for more the guidelines.

There are some additional guidelines for certain professions, which may make you qualify even if you do not have significant news coverage. For example, musicians with a top 100 hit in any country, could qualify or a university chair, could easily qualify because of his position. Certain academics with many citations, but little press may also qualify. Actors may qualify if they have had at least a few major roles on film or TV.

Once you have determined that may meet the notability guidelines, you can simply go to Wikipedia Article Wizard and follow the steps to submit your page. However, the coding can also be a bit complex, and you may need to read some instructions or watch some YouTube tutorials to learn.

You also need to make sure your page does not sound promotional, and all the content has proper citations. If you are making the page for yourself or are associated to the subject, you need to also disclose this. The instructions in the article wizard would provide you guidelines for this.

Finally, you need to be aware there is usually a long wait to get reviewed. As of writing this article the current wait could be as long as 9-10 weeks. In early 2021 the wait was as long as 6 months.

However, there is a second way to submit a page, if you do not have any association with the subject. This method is more for professionals, so we will not be disclosing the details in this article. This method allows you to make the page and post it live right away. There will not be a wait period for a review. But the page may get reviewed in the initial 5-10 days of posting and get deleted, nominated for deletion or placed into the drafts.

If you would like a page created by a professional, feel free to contact us from our contact form on the right.