How to Get Negative Posts Removed from BadBoyReport

Posted on May 22, 2016

How to Get Negative Posts Removed from BadBoyReport

BadBoyReport bills itself as the Web’s destination for helping people avoid bad dates, but the website isn’t doing a great job keeping users honest. Users are encouraged to be honest, but there is no verification process for reviews. Plus, Bad Boy Report removes itself from blame by allowing these posts from anonymous third parties. As a result of a recent move to Korea, the website is nearly untouchable on any legal basis.

This haven for cheater shaming ranks well in Google and can follow someone around for life. These websites don’t just vanish, and they are seen by every employer and potential date from now until you decide to take action. BadBoyReport does not remove any posts directly, but they recommend hiring a reputation management company for help and they only work with reputation management companies to try and remove a post that may be incorrect.

Bad Boy Report was once caught stealing content from another site and sued, which resulted in the shutdown of the .com site, but the site is back with a new domain at It does not interfere in posts on anyone’s behalf, and claims that it may take up to one year to remove posts even with a legitimate request.

How Reputation Stars Can Help

Everyone makes mistakes, it’s not Bad Boy Report’s job to chronicle those. Here at Reputation Stars, we believe that your choices are your business. We have helped many people remove negative listings from Bad Boy Report legally, and quickly. In fact, most of our customers see their negative posts vanish entirely within one week. We also create long term strategies aimed at keeping your search engine page free of negative press.

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