How to Remove Mugshots from Mugshot Sites

Posted on May 9, 2017

How to Remove Mugshots from Mugshot Sites

Summary: A nasty mug shot posted online can have detrimental effects on one’s personal life. Fortunately, there are ways to minimize the harm done.

Mitigating the damage stemming from a public mug shot is possible and can be done by implementing a variety of tactics. This guide is designed to showcase what steps you can take to bury these negative image results that pop up in the popular search engines.

Take Advantage of the DMCA

The DMCA, or Digital Millenium Copyright Act, can potentially help remove these unwarranted photos from domains that unlawfully obtained them. By filing a DMCA takedown notice and consulting with a DMCA agent, there is a possibility that these images can be taken down.

Push the Negative Image Down

While it’s extremely difficult to get a photo removed from a popular search engine like Google, the next best thing you can do is to simply bury them. One way you can go about doing this is to sign up for social media profiles. Since Google tends to continuously crawl the web for social media sites, your photo could get out there. By uploading multiple photos of yourself that are related to your name, you could essentially push the negative images to the depths of the search results – and most people aren’t persistent enough to go page after page to find an image or two unless you’re a celebrity or mainstream figure.

Let a Reputation Management Firm Help You

If the entire ordeal seems too much for you to handle, there are a variety of reputation management services, like Reputation Stars, that incorporate a combination of social media profiles and search engine optimization to, as mentioned before, bury your negative images deep into the results. While your image may never permanently deleted from the database, the goal of reputation management is to divert the crowd away from the images and instead focus on the positive life – therefore retaining the dignity that you believed to have lost when the picture was posted.