How to Remove Negative, False, or Defamatory Blogspot Posts

Posted on Feb 2, 2024

Blogger (also known as Blogspot) is a widely used blogging platform owned by Google. It allows users to publish content to personal blogs easily and quickly, often ranking high in search engine results due to its popularity and keyword relevance. However, it’s possible for individuals to misuse Blogspot for posting harmful, false, or defamatory content. Here are methods to address and remove such content from

Addressing Content Violating Terms of Service:

Blogger enforces a content policy that explicitly bans certain types of content, including hate speech, explicit material, violence, harassment, sharing of personal or confidential information, impersonation, illegal activities, regulated goods and services, and spam. To report a Blogspot post breaching these guidelines, Blogger offers a straightforward mechanism to flag inappropriate content.

Dealing with Copyright Infringement on Blogger Posts:

Given Google’s extensive online presence, copyright issues are relatively common. Google adheres strictly to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, offering a clear process for addressing copyright infringement. By submitting a completed copyright infringement notification, one can request the removal of an infringing Blogger post. Google also provides a removal request tool to facilitate reports of legal infringements on any of its platforms.

Removing Blogspot Content for Defamation:

The internet can unfortunately be used as a tool for reputational harm through the spread of false and defamatory content. Blogger, protected under section 230(c) of the Communication Decency Act, is not held liable for content posted by third parties. However, Blogger does have avenues for reporting misuse of its platform. If direct measures are insufficient, consulting with an expert in online defamation or an attorney might be necessary to pursue the removal of harmful content.

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