How to remove negative post from pissed consumer

Posted on Jul 10, 2013

How to remove negative post from pissed consumer

If you are looking to completely remove posts from Pissed Consumer, this may not be easy. PissedConsumer will not remove any negative reviews unless they get a court order to do so. This means that first you need to figure out who posted the review, then sue them and if you actually win, you can request the court to order a removal. This could be a very costly method, specially if you do not know who the posted is. In which case, you would need to file a “John Doe” lawsuit and then subpena the Pissed Consumer records to get the name, IP address and email address of the poster.  If they posted from an anonymous name and email, then you need to subpena the ISP provider to get the identification of the person owning the IP address at the time of the post.

The problem is that the ISP may not have any records and even then if the person posted the review from an anonymous IP, such as from a coffee shop then you are out of luck. By the time you are done, even if successful, this could cost you upwards of $20K to $30K.

So what other options do you have? 
There are 2 remaining options:

1) Try to find the original poster and try to resolve the situation or pay them to remove the listing. Although, we are not sure if Pissed Consumer would agree, as some sites such as Ripoff Report and TheDirty will not even remove reviews even if the original poster requests it.

2) You can hire a reputation management firm like us to help you remove them. We might be able to remove the listing from Google completely or push it down to second or third page of Google so it is not visible, but we would not be able to remove it from PissedConsumer. We have some unique ways of removing things quickly and we offer 100% money back guarantee with most our services. For details, contact us by calling the number on right or filling our contact form.

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