Our CEO to be speaking about Reputation Management

Posted on Feb 13, 2014

Our CEO to be speaking about Reputation Management
Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Reputation Stars

Pierre Zarokian, CEO of Reputation Stars

Our CEO “Pierre Zarokian” will be speaking about Reputation Management on Feb 19, 2014 in Orange County, CA at an event organized by TechBiz Connection.

Jack Bicer the president of TechBiz Connection stated: “If you are a professional intrigued by today’s evolving world of social media, personal online identities, and online business branding, you need to learn what it means to have an online presence and what this says about you (or your business, brand).  After all, your online reputation IS your reputation.”

The presentation will be in a panel format moderated by Michael Bonfils of SEM International. Other panelists  include:
– Crystal Rockwood, president, Rockwood Communications
Al Ramirez, Twitter Political Personality
Zarokian stated: “Reputation management is definitely a hot topic now. In my presentation, I will discuss various ways individuals and businesses can protect their reputation. I will also be talking about what to do if you are listed on RipOff Report and/or if you have negative reviews on Yelp.”

For more info, see the official press release here.