Privacy Policy

  1. We collect and use only the Personal Information we need to make sure our products and services are effective. If we need any additional information, we will get your express, explicit approval before collecting and using it.
  2. We do not sell, give, rent or trade your Personal Information to advertisers, marketers or spammers.
  3. If you provide Personal Information to us about your customers or clients, we will keep that information confidential and will only use it as necessary to provide the services you have purchased. We will not share such information with third parties, including advertisers or marketers or spammers.
  4. We take the security of your Personal Information seriously, and use industry standard safeguards to protect any Personal Information stored on our systems
  5. If you contact us from our website contact form or social media or phone, we will collect your information such as name, phone number, website address and other details that you provide and may from time to time send you an email.
  6. To be removed from our mailing list simply contact us.  If we send out bulk emails, it will also have an unsubscribe button on the bottom of the email.