Reputation Management Tips (5 Reputation Management Tips)

Posted on May 1, 2017

Reputation Management Tips (5 Reputation Management Tips)

Summary: Handling your online reputation can rapidly minimize monetary impact.

Proactively managing the reputation of your brand should always be at the forefront of your PR campaign. You would be missing out on maximizing your profitability and ROI by neglecting this aspect. Here are 5 important reputation management tips that you can use to boost your online reputation management efforts.

  1. Social Media is More Powerful Than You Think

If you aren’t already aware, Google now allows Tweets to appear in the search results. This means social media can play a much more impactful role when it comes to your reputation. News media are always on the hunt for social media posts that are worthy of writing columns. What you say on these platforms can have a profound effect on your company, reputation, and profitability. Choose your words carefully.

  1. Celebrate Customer Appreciation

Positive experiences don’t need to stay with the customer, have them voice their opinion. Gently request a review by asking them to share their experience with you. Most customers are quick to write negative reviews and bash companies left and right, but many don’t think twice about voicing their appreciation.

  1. Develop Appropriate Content

While social media is king, so to speak, you may also need to build out social materials for more than just your company itself. If you have products outside your company name, it’s highly recommended that you develop content to rank for those names on the search engines. Remember, the more visibility that you have, the greater the chance that you bring in leads.

  1. Reconcile When In the Wrong

If your company messes up or does something wrong don’t be ashamed to own up to your mistakes. After all, these things do happen on occasion, and a genuine apology can go a long way. Maintain transparency with the situation and be real with the affected client. Diffusing a situation and reconciling can potentially minimize the damages.

  1. Don’t Be Afraid to Invest

Frugality won’t help develop your online reputation. Many small businesses ignore the fundamentals of reputation management or do it on their own time, which almost never works in their favor. Maintaining your social media and proactively handling your reputation management is a vital element to success. If you don’t have experience with this, it’s recommended that you interact with the various online resources or even go as far as to hire a team such as Reputation Stars to handle the dirty work for you.