Ripoff Report Removal: Your Options Explained

Posted on May 31, 2017

Ripoff Report Removal: Your Options Explained

Ripoff Report is a website setup to field anonymous complaints about a business or service, but some users post things that are untrue or damaging to your reputation. If you’re concerned about your online reputation management, read on for advice on how to remove Ripoff Report posts and salvage your presence in Google.

Social Media

If you’re worried about your appearance in search, than practicing good social media will help. Owning YouTube, Twitter and Facebook URLs from your brand will take up some of the space on page one of Google, making sure that negative content is pushed lower.

Request Removal

Ripoff Report does not typically respond to removal requests, and US laws protect them from anonymous content. However, a default judgment can help you.


If any of the content posted belongs to you, for example the user used a picture from your website, then you can ask for removal of that copyrighted content. You’ll need to file a DMCA with the site, and with Google, but the content should vanish if you can claim you own it.

Court Ordered Removals

You can get a default judgment if you sue John Doe. This only works if the posting is anonymous. Essentially, the judge rules in your favor because the defendant doesn’t show up to prove his or her side. With that judgment, you can get websites to remove your content.

Consult a reputation Management Firm

Reputation management is a good route to pursue when you can’t find other solutions. The tips listed above may work for some of you. If the posts return, you may also need a good firm to manage these repeated incidents and reclaim your status in search.