is back up after being down for over 3 weeks

Posted on Jan 26, 2015 is back up after being down for over 3 weeks
Nik Richie -

Nik Richie –

We reported last week that was a victim of hackers taking it down due to DOS attacks. It seems the site has gone live now and Nik Richie has improved his servers and technology. He posted a message on thedirty stating:

“ is back online. We are still under DDoS attack and other attacks, but I’ve put a stronger team in place and rebuilt the infrastructure from scratch. I’m not going anywhere. This year the DIRTY ARMY will rise — I implore you to join.

As you can see the new design is in place. I’m 35% complete and there are many bugs. The castle wall is strong and with your help I’m hoping to build Malbork. So please use this comment section to give us guidance on what you like, don’t like, what to build in your favor, any fixes/bugs to kill and suggestions.

We will win. DIRTY ARMY Strong!- nik”

A speed analysis at Google Insights shows that the site is still a bit slow and this could be because they are still under attack.

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