TheDirty is No Longer a Personal Review Site

Posted on May 13, 2017

TheDirty is No Longer a Personal Review Site

Summary: The former battleground for online bashing is now a celebrity gossip site., was formerly known for allowing users to post nearly anything that they’d like, anonymously and without any remorse. The site became a hunting ground for whomever, whether it was due to jealousy, anger, or just to purposely ruin one’s life. Most of the time, the damage comes from a compromising photo or a text message. Furthermore, it also allowed people to post personal information if they pleased.

A New Chapter

Nik Richie, the owner of The Dirty, claimed to have realized that his site was not only destroying the lives of others, but also took part in becoming a breeding ground for hatred and defamation. After listening to Melania Trump’s speech regarding cyberbullying, Richie pledged to alter his ways and revamp the site to primarily posting the latest gossip on celebrities, similar to TMZ.

According to Richie, he went on to say, “ I asked myself as a father am I doing what’s right for my family or this country. I looked in the mirror and had my wake up call. Am I part of the problem or solution? I am the problem. My website was built on humor but it guided down a path of hate. That’s not me or how I want my legacy to end.”

The End? Or the Beginning?

For those that have been harassed, insulted, and slandered, retribution has finally come. However, for many, it’s already too late. The harsh realities of previous posts still haunt the public to this very day – and can even be found deep within the archives. It remains to be seen how well this new “fiber of mainstream media” will fare with the public, but it goes without saying this could have a significant impact on the future of cyberbullying with this drastic change.