TheDirty Looses Lawsuit but turns out it was filed against the wrong company

Posted on Jan 23, 2015

Nik Richie -

Nik Richie –

A judge just awarded $1.25 million over defamatory comments on brought by a woman who says comments on the site stated that her 3 children were from 3 different men because she wanted to collect child support and the owner Nik Richie refused to remove them when she requested.

The judgement was awarded against Dirty World Entertainment Recordings. However, TheDirty attorney states that is not owned by that entity and Nik Richie has nothing to do with it. The correct entity that owns is called the Dirty World, LLC.

The attorney stated that the Sarah Jones judgment last year was also awarded towards the wrong company!

This is what Attorney David Gingras stated:

“In short, Ms. Stewart certainly has obtained a judgment against Dirty World Entertainment Recordings, but that company has nothing whatsoever to do with Dirty World, LLC or She is welcome to try to collect that judgment, bearing in mind that the plaintiff in the Sarah Jones case also has an $11 million default judgment against the same entity (see attached copy). However, to the extent that Ms. Stewart claims that she has a judgment against or Dirty World, LLC, those claims are completely false.”

You can read more details here.