Post Removal

What We Do

Has your business been listed on Are you wondering what you can do to help yourself out of this situation? We offer a simple strategy for getting your content removed from this site, and the negative results wiped from search. Our approach guarantees post removal from this site and all of the major search engines, or you don’t pay.

If you have found your business listed on, and you want the negative publicity to stop immediately, contact us.

About Complaint Wire

ComplaintWire is a complaint reporting site that also includes reverse phone number lookup database that is compiled and maintained by users. As a result, the website owners are not responsible for removal from the website, and they are protected from many legal actions that would normally help to remove false or defamatory content.

Since your business number can be spoofed, it’s likely you and your associates had nothing to do with the complaint. Still, your name and phone number can be listed without your consent. It’s also very difficult to remove this information from ComplaintWire once your business has been listed.

Our research has discovered that the website owners may be based in India, which would mean that they would not abide by any  legal actions or court ordered removals from the USA.

If you, or your brand, end up on, contact us for a strategy that will lead to immediate removal from the major search engines.